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2020 'Retention of Talent Program'

Student - Family Partnership of Understanding

Scope: The mission of the DWP High School Program is to ‘retain high-caliber talent’ by exposing high school students and their families to the many career opportunities in Dayton and the Miami Valley.  To see the list of our education and business partners go to  

Our program is designed to familiarize students and their parents with our many local college and high growth business partners within the region to help families make informed decisions about their child’s future.

We provide this information through Student Focus Groups, electronically with occasional emails, short YouTube videos or opportunities to transport students and parents to visit Miami Valley businesses that are aligned with the career interests of high school students.

Focus Groups: The school leader will recommend 8-10 freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students to participate.   Each grade level will consist of students interested in either IT/STEM, business or health related education.

Format: After explaining about the many college, scholarship and career opportunities that are available, students will be encouraged to share their education, employment goals and interest to stay in Dayton or the Miami Valley region after they graduate.

High School Student Scholarship: Near the end of the school year, the school leader may nominate one senior that actively participated in the Focus Group.  If that student chooses to enroll in one of the two or four-year local colleges that we partner with to pursue an education in IT/STEM, healthcare, business or manufacturing – they will be awarded a ‘Retention of Talent’ Scholarship that can be applied to their first year of college.



Note: There are no costs to student, family or your high school for this program - and it has been reviewed and approved by leaders of your school.

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