2016 STEM Scholarships for Ohio ‘Middle School’ Students

"Air Camp USA - Summer Program"


  • Forum for Educational Options (FEO) provides scholarships directly to Air Camp USA to pay the tuition fee for students who are selected to participate in this STEM summer camp.

    This is a week long, in-residence program for Ohio middle school students to learn about math and science as it applies to aviation and aeronautics. Students work in teams and are both challenged and inspired as they learn about flight.

    Every day they have hands-on experiences working with flight simulators, build model airplane components and test them in wind tunnels, tour the Air Force Museum and, upon graduation, a certified pilot takes students on a personalized flight.

    This program takes place in Dayton, Ohio – the birthplace of powered flight. Students are housed on a nearby college campus.


There are three ways to pay the Air Camp USA tuition fee:

  • Parents of the student can pay for the summer camp fee.

  • The governing board of the student’s school can pay for the tuition.

  • When applying, students can request the availability of an FEO scholarships.


Note: Students must go directly to Air Camp USA website to apply. www.aircampusa.com